Stuck In An Elevator

Don’t you love when you open the door to your house, and you see a lovable puppy jump up on your leg, wanting to be pet by it’s owner? Or maybe, that cat that jumps into your lap and curls up, letting you pet it until it falls into a dream full sleep? Now think, think about the animals who are locked up in cages, alone, and the only love they get is when someone sticks their hand through the cage, brushing the animals fur? I am Samantha, and I want you to watch my video!

The reason why I want you to watch my video is because we need support. We want you to visit the Kenton County Animal Shelter, and adopt a pet so you can give him/her a forever home. How would you like to be stuck in a cage, with other loud animals around you, all wanting to be loved. How would you like to wake up to little children grabbing onto you or parents picking you up when you just want to be left alone. They all want a home they can wake up to, having your owners wake up to give you love. The one special owner. This is why we want to advertise animal adoptions. So please, watch the video!


Blog 8: The End?

Hey guys, its AdminSam. Sadly, we are coming to an end to our 20%. I do not know if there will be more blogs about the project, but there most likely will. Do not worry!

So, something that I have been rewarded with is seeing the animals. It has been so fun getting to know them and play with the cuties! I am so happy that we got a mentor that can cope with us and let us in.  She has been such a huge help! Making the website has been very fun, taking the animal’s pictures. Another thing that I have been rewarded with is respect. After telling my family about it, they were so proud that I got this project set up, along with my other teammates. My dad  is also a person who have helped us. He took the time out of his weekend to drive me, and sometimes my teammates, to the animal shelter. I am so thankful that he wants to help!

Next, the things we need to achieve to accomplish this project. We are heading to the animal shelter this coming Saturday, but we need ti put in the animals from last week. When I get home from school, I will get to work on it right away. Speaking about the website, we still need to finish it. We haven’t had much time to work on it in the last few weeks. I may be the only one going to the animal shelter, so I’ll ask my team to work on it. Last thing on the list, the video montage. I have been looking around, and I have found multiple websites that let me create a montage for free. I still need to look into them, to see if they are giving us what they said they would. We will get this finished!

Lastly, I want to talk about the speech coming up for this project. We haven’t been given full information for it, but it is fine! We are nervous for the speech. We are not fearing that we won’t get it finished, but we are nervous about presenting. I am fearing I will mess up because I will get nervous on stage, and I will forget my speech in the moment. Heart attack, to be honest. I want to good, though! We have been assigned to do a slideshow for the presentation. Our teachers said they will take 2 weeks just to work on the speech and the presentation. Yay!


Anyways, that’s it for now! ~AdminSam, OUT!


Blog 9: 20% Project!

Hello everyone! AdminSam here with another 20% project! See, I told you blog 8 wasn’t the last blog! Anyways, out TED Talks are coming up shortly. After spring break, 2 of my teachers (Ives and Croft) will be taking 2 weeks to get the speeches finished. The end is near!

So, what I have accomplished is going to the animal shelter and getting more information to finish up the website. I have asked my team mates to set in the info, but they still haven’t done it. Now, my feelings. At the moment, I am quite frustrated with one of my team mates, not going to say who. Just to go on my rant, they haven’t done ANYTHING on the website, except for their bio and they make up excuses to not go to the shelter! Yes, I know 2% of the time they can’t help it, but it aggravates me! Just today, we were walking together to our next period and they said to me, “I have done everything that I needed to do. Put my bio in and add a picture!” …Sorry for ranting. ANYWAYS…

We have quite a few things to do before we are completely finished with our project. 1, We have to finish the website; 2,  we need to go to the animal shelter once or twice more, and 3, we need to work on our montage. I am going to trust one of my team mates to try to finish the website while I am going on vacation down to see family (If I haven’t told you guys, I have an enormous family. I love them all (>^~^<)). After I get back, I am going to work on the video montage. Yay!

Lastly, something I could change. I wish I had spent more time on the website when I had some free time. I could’ve gotten so much done, and we wouldn’t have to worry about this deadline coming up. Ugh, stupid me. Also, I wish I can spend more time at the shelter! All of the workers are extremely nice and the animals are adorable!


Anyways, that’s it for now! ~AdminSam, OUT!

♥ Wyatt, one of the shelter dogs that wants a home ♥

St. Patrick’s Day

Hello everyone! Yes, i know St. Patrick’s Day was a few weeks ago, but i still need to do the post. So, here we are! We all know that St. Patrick’s day is a day where you wear green to not get pinched by friends and family. But, what’s the true meaning?

St. Patrick was a patron saint in Ireland. He was said to be dead on March 17th, hence we have the day celebrated close to that date. He grew up in Roman Britain, but was taken captive by raiders from Ireland to be a slave when he was a young adult. After some time, he returned back to his home and entered the church, like his father and grandfather. Surprisingly, after that, he returned back to Ireland to work as a missionary. he is said to be buried under Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, Ireland.

To popular beliefs, St. Patrick got rid of snakes in Ireland. However, the last snakes on the Country were in the last Ice Age! The real snakes that were banished from Ireland were most likely druids and worshipers of snake/serpent gods.

Lucas Wadding was a famous person that helped St. Patrick’s Day became a feast day in the Catholic Church. Many Catholic Churches traditionally move the date if the original date falls during Holy Week.

The only reason the US, UK, Australia, and Canada celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is because in the 19th and 20th centuries, many immigrants fled from Ireland to these countries. They brought many traditions, including St. Patrick’s Day.

Anyways, that’s it for now! ~ShamrockSam, OUT!

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St. Patricks Day

Information From TimeAndDate.

Blog 6: 20% Project!

Hello everyone! I am back with a new blog! As you know, we have been working on the 20% project. Here’s the update!

So, what we have accomplished this week is getting the information in on our website of the animals and working on our elevator pitch, which you will get to see! I haven’t recorded it yet, though. I need to get working on that promptly. We are almost finished with the website, too!

I am feeling great about the project! Everything is smoothing out perfectly! The only worry is my video, which I will have done shortly. The animals that my team are absolutely wonderful, and deserve a home.

What I need to get done? Well, obviously the pitch, and we need to get the website finished. It is not completely finished, and our self-set due date was passed. I will be working on it tonight, if I have time.

Anyways, that’s it for now! ~AdminSam, OUT!


Blog 5: 20% Project!

Hello everyone! This is blog 5 of the 20% project!

So, what we accomplished this week is we are almost finished with our website, and we got an Instagram account for more support. Make sure to follow us! Anyways, we will be meeting with our mentor this Saturday so we can get another set of animals to showcase.

I am feeling good about the project! Like I said, our website is going fantastic! About the elevator video, we finished our script and we are in the works of filming it. It is due March 17th, so we have this week, next week, and Monday through Thursday to do this. We will have the video on the blog, when it is finished.

At the moment, we don’t have any deadlines that are super important. Only meeting with our mentor every other week. This is very easy to accomplish, depending on that we have no blockades coming our way.

A blockade could be our group can’t make it to the animal shelter on time, and we miss the opportunity to get the animal information. This hasn’t happened yet, thankfully, only one out of the three couldn’t come. At the moment, I am writing this on Sunday, so we have already gone to the shelter. We had so much fun! We are still working on the website getting published, but we are close!

Anyways, that’s it for now! ~AdminSam, OUT!

Sansa, a wonderful cat that we met when we went to the shelter! She would love to get adopted!


Blog 4: 20% Project!

Hey guys! This is checkup 4 on my 20% project! So, what we have acomplished this week is finishing our Elevator Pitch Outline. We are going to get it checked, too! We have also begun our rough draft of our speech (We have sectioned what we want to go where). Next, we are getting in contact with our mentor, finally. We are going to call them to set up a meeting so we can talk it out! My family knows a lot of people personally, so I asked my dad about the project. He says he knows someone who works at an animal shelter, so this just helps our relations with the project.

What we want to finish next week is half of the website. We are going to change our website creator from Webflow to WiX. Webflow, don’t get me wrong, is an amazing site, but hard to operate. WiX is much easier and will take less time to figure out. I have restarted on the website, and hope to finish it soon. My teammates Alyssa and Caroline will be spending part of our weekend getting everytrhing set up so we can ace this part of our project.

Lastly, how I am feeling about the project. Right now, I am feeling much better because we are finally going to have a mentor very soon, and the website is going to come along faster! We still have a handful of things to do, but we don’t want to stress over the project. By feeling exited and hopeful about the project, I can use this to motivate me and my teammates to work on it more so we can succeed.

Anyways, that’s it for now! ~AdminSam, OUT!

wabisabi2015 ‘s dog from the animal shelter!

Here are my teammates blogs:



Blog 3: 20% Project!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! This is the 3rd check in with our 20% Project. What we have accomplished is emailing another mentor and starting to work on our Elevator Pitch project. I am feeling a bit down because we have emailed 2 mentors already, and one hasn’t responded and one declined… no worries though! I’m sure that we can find a mentor in time! By next Friday, we want to work on the website more, hopefully getting it finished by the end of February.

Anyways, that´s it for now! ~AdminSam, OUT!


Blog 2: 20% Project!

Hello everyone! AdminSam here with another post! This is blog 2 for our 20% project. I am here to clarify up some deadlines! This is what we have come up with:

1/27 Get in touch with mentor, if not find a new mentor.     (Hehe this is today’s date :D)
2/10 Make plans with mentor, if we can access one.
2/24 Finish website at end of Feb, which will be in 4 days.
3/10 Get posts started on website! Take lots of pictures for end video montage.
3/24 Keep working on posts and montage.
4/7 End Posts. Work on end speech.
4/21 Work on montage.
5/5 Finish end speech.
5/19 Finish montage and prepare!

We are working really hard on our project! Maybe you can check out our website when we are done 😉

Anyways, that’s it for now! ~AdminSam, OUT!

20% Project!

Hello everybody! AdminSam here! As you’ve seen from my classmates, we are doing a 20% project. I am a bit late on posting, so I hope you like it!

So, to get straight to point, I will be reciting my speech that we presented in front of the class.

S:     Hello! I’m Samantha,


C:     I’m Caroline,


A:     I’m Alyssa!


C:    and we are here to present our 20% project!


S:    Doesn’t everyone love animals? Well, our team does! We want to bring awareness to adoptions! We will be making a website that showcases animals from the Boone County Animal Shelter. Every 2 weeks, we will be taking a picture of an animal, gathering information on him/her, and posting it on the site for about 1 month.


A:     Who are we doing this for? Well, the shelter of course! Like Sam said, we are doing it to raise awareness of the adoption of animals to the community, and we plan on working with the Boone county shelter, although we have not yet received an email  back, but we hope to soon.

C:     We will be creating the website on Webflow, an online website maker. It is free and easy to use! We hope to finish the website near the end of February. We will be working at school and at home to finish this project!


S:     Ok, so our deadlines. For the rest of this month, we will be getting in contact and discussing options with our mentor. We will also work on the website. In the beginning of February, we hope to find a day with our mentor to meet up and discuss with him/her. We will also go to the shelter to get the first picture of the animal! In March, we will get the posts started up! In the beginning/ middle of April, we will end off the posts.


C:     To summarize this up, we are aiming to raise awareness to adoptions in animal shelters. We will create a website to show the awareness. We will post every 2 weeks a month about animals that are sheltered there, along with information if the dogs we post are  adopted. For the end product, we will have the full working website and a surprise video montage of the shelter progress!


A:     we hope you enjoyed our small speech. I think we can all agree that we are thrilled to get started! we are aiming to make this project very successful in our limited time. Have a good day!

I hope this clears what me and my teammates have been doing.

Anyways, that’s it for now! ~DoggoSam, OUT!